Who We Are

Established in 2013, Ecosystem Recovery Inc. is a professional engineering and geosciences company specializing in water resources. Collectively, the firm’s principals have over 60 years of consulting experience working throughout Ontario. Centrally located in Kitchener Ontario, the office is well positioned to serve London, the GTA, the Golden Triangle, and the Golden Horseshoe areas. With a focus on client service, technical proficiency, and cost value, Ecosystem Recovery delivers specialized service for public and private sectors. Our goal is to assist our clients in solving their challenges using an Ecosystem approach, to recover the function and dynamics of natural and built infrastructure.

Wolfgang Wolter

Senior Project Manager

Wolfgang is the Senior Technical Practice Manager at Ecosystem Recovery, and has more than 26 years of experience specializing in water resources, stream restoration, erosion assessments, river hydraulics, stormwater management, wet weather related practices, and structural design. He is responsible for project execution, design, and development in areas of Stream Restoration, Environmental Assessments, Erosion Assessments, Pond Restoration, Slope Stability Studies, Feasibility Studies, Asset Management, and Green Roof Technology.

He has proven expertise in Riverine science, Natural Channel Design, Erosion Control, Adaptive Environmental Management and implementation of natural and built infrastructure projects. Mr. Wolter maintains a healthy working relationship with project related approval agencies including Conservation Authorities, Provincial, and Federal agencies. Throughout his experience, Mr. Wolter has combined his structural design background with water resources technology in the application of physical principles in stream restoration projects, providing a defensible engineering solution in balance with ecological and geomorphic considerations. Though much of his experience is founded on Ontario, Canada, Mr. Wolter has gained experience in the US and abroad assisting with large scale restoration initiatives.

In 2004, he was part of the team that developed the ‘Natural Channel Design Guidelines’ for the Adaptive Management of Stream Corridors in Ontario. He has also developed a short course on the ‘Design of Instream Structures’ which he instructed at the American Fisheries Society (AFS) conferences held annually across North America.

Over his consulting career, he has assessed, studied, designed and implemented over thirty five thousand metres of creek restoration in all types of land use settings involving over forty individual creek projects in Ontario supporting the use and application of the Natural Channel Design Principles.

Jeff Prince, B.Sc., P.Eng.

Consulting Engineer, Senior Project Manager

Jeff is a designated Consulting Engineer and a Senior Project Manager and Civil/Water Resources Engineer at ERI. He has 15 years of experience specializing in water resources and municipal infrastructure projects. Most recently, his typical projects include stream rehabilitation, erosion control, slope protection, stormwater management, fish barrier mitigation, floodplain mapping, hydrologic and hydraulic studies, and Environmental Assessments. Jeff has extensive experience managing multi-disciplinary water resources planning, design and implementation projects throughout Ontario. Throughout his career, he has undertaken over fifteen stream restoration projects and dozens of water resources design projects, studies and assessments.

Jeff holds degrees in both Civil Engineering and Biology, with a specialty in fish ecology. This background provides him with a unique understanding of the complex relationship between the implementation of stream rehabilitation and the natural environment. Jeff has also completed graduate research in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, specifically the integration with and development using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Mariëtte Pushkar, M.Sc., P.Geo.

Senior Fluvial Geomorphologist

Mariëtte is a Senior Fluvial Geomorphologist at Ecosystem Recovery, and has 20 years of experience in applying this geoscience through both consulting and academic applications that include: Geomorphic System Understanding/Investigations, Headwater Channel Assessments, Hazard Assessments (erosion, meander belt, bank and bed scour), Stream Restoration (Natural Channel Design, Geomorphically Referenced River Engineering), Infrastructure Crossings (road, watermain, sanitary sewer), Stormwater Management (erosion thresholds), Erosion Inventory and Risk Assessments, Watercourse Management Plans, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Studies, Subwatershed Studies, Secondary Plans, and Site Plans.

In all applications, Ms. Pushkar ensures that field work and analyses are appropriate for gaining an understanding of the system that is being studied and is appropriately documented to establish a base from which decisions can be made for further application. Wherever possible, knowledge from other disciplines (water resources and geotechnical engineering, biology and hydrogeology) is integrated to enhance system understanding, leading to identification of reasonable alternatives and solutions.

Mariëtte has studied and assessed watercourses ranging from small headwater streams to large river systems in rural and urban settings that encompass a variety of geologic materials (alluvium, till, bedrock). She has completed over 60 channel relocation and/or restoration designs ranging from 10s of meters to over 2 km in length. While much of her experience has been in Ontario, she has also worked in Labrador, British Columbia, Quebec and the U.S. She has established effective working relationships with regulatory agencies, including local Conservation Authorities, MNR and DFO. In addition to project based work, she has developed various geomorphic based protocol and guideline documents for municipalities and regulatory agencies, instructed training courses, and has been an invited speaker at conferences, including A.D. Latornell, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Conservation Authority Partnership Meeting, Canadian Association of Geographers – Ontario Chapter.

Chris Moon, P.Eng.

Senior Water Resources Engineer and Project Manager
London Office Manager

Chris is a Senior Water Resources Engineer and Project Manager at Ecosystem Recovery. He has more than 17 years of experience specializing in water resources projects including: stormwater management, low impact development, water sensitive urban design, flood impact assessments, and hydrologic and hydraulic modelling.  Chris has also developed broad experience in many facets of municipal engineering and provides advice to clients on major infrastructure projects, development issues and engineering standards. Though much of his experience is founded on Ontario, Canada, Chris has gained significant experience in Australia.

Chris is focused on building long term relationships with our clients. He is responsible for managing project execution from the planning and approvals phases through to detailed design and construction. Chris coordinates multidisciplinary project teams, and provides technical direction to professional and technical staff relating to water resources projects. In 2016, Chris led the team that developed the ‘National Principles, Best Practices and Guidelines – Flood Mapping for Natural Resources Canada. An initiative seeking to provide a consistent approach to flood mapping nationally for implementation in the federal National Disaster Mitigation Program.