Our Services

We provide a diverse range of engineering services to help you effectively assess, manage, and restore sensitive water resources infrastructure.  Our primary service lines are described below.  Please contact us for more information or to discuss your current challenges and opportunities.


Ecosystem Recovery and Stream Restoration

The degradation of streams, creeks, and rivers throughout our urban and rural areas presents a significant risk to the health of aquatic ecosystems and to vulnerable property and infrastructure near these waterways. We specialize in the rehabilitation and recovery of degraded waterways to control these risks, with over 60 years of collective experience in restoration assessment, design, implementation, and monitoring, including the following services:

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Fluvial Geomorphology

The enhancement of aquatic habitat and terrestrial corridors, and the protection of private property and infrastructure in, under, or adjacent to a watercourse benefit from an understanding of channel conditions, sustainable channel form, and processes. Geomorphic characterization, assessments and analyses, that are rooted in a solid scientific understanding and that are informed by over 20 years of practical experience and insight, lead to a reliable base for management decisions, risk assessments, landuse planning, and detailed design. The Fluvial Geomorphology Group supports all water-course and aquatic habitat related services provided by ERI and also leads and supports geomorphologic studies and components for external private and public sector client projects. We provide a range of Fluvial Geomorphic services including, but not limited to:

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Stream Erosion Inventory and Assessment

The effective management of infrastructure depends on a comprehensive knowledge of its condition and maintenance needs.  Natural infrastructure is no exception, and our staff have assisted several municipal organizations in attaining a thorough understanding of the creek infrastructure under their stewardship.  Our services in natural infrastructure management include:

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Fish Passage Assessment and Design

Maintaining effective fish passage pathways is critical for the successful spawning and growth of many ecologically and economically valuable species. Fish migration routes along waterways are fragile and easily disturbed by man-made infrastructure such as dams, weirs, culverts, and sewer crossings, which create both physical and hydraulic barriers that prevent the movement of fish. Evaluation of the barriers and incorporation of mitigation features are typically a requirement of environmental approvals for these types of projects. Our staff have cultivated expertise in assessing and resolving fish passage issues, including the following services:

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Stormwater Management Assessment and Design

Stormwater Management (SWM) is a critical element of public infrastructure, and helps to reduce flooding, protect sensitive aquatic environments, and control erosion risk in receiving waterways. The effective design and management of SWM features is a growing public and municipal concern due to the flood, erosion, and habitat impacts from more frequent severe weather events. We provide a range of SWM-related services, including:

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Environmental Assessments

The Environmental Assessment process is required under current legislation to be completed for virtually all significant infrastructure projects in Ontario, including water resources-related projects such as stream restoration and erosion control, stormwater management installations or retrofits, and modification or installation of dyke and dam structures. Our team has completed many Environmental Assessments for water resources projects, and has expertise with:

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Dam and Dyke Management

Thousands of dams and dykes have been installed throughout Ontario and Canada for industry, water supply, power generation, and flood control. Aging infrastructure and changing legislation has brought the effective management of these structures into greater public focus, with an increased burden for dam and dyke owners to regularly assess and inspect their structures. Our team can assist dam and dyke owners with these tasks, including the following services:

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Environmental Approvals and Permitting

Environmental Approvals are required for almost all engineering and infrastructure undertakings in Ontario. Early engagement and consultation with approval agencies by qualified and experienced professionals can streamline project schedules and prevent costly delays. Our team has successfully guided numerous projects through a range of approval processes and can apply this experience to new or ongoing projects to help ensure that permitting is completed efficiently, including the following services:

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Stream Construction1

Water Resources Construction Management

We provide construction services for a range of water resources related projects, including stream restoration, channel realignment, erosion control, outfall repair and restoration, stormwater management ponds, road and sewer crossings of waterways, and municipal servicing.  Our services involve all aspects of construction management, including:

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